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katya-oddio on 11/04/2010 at 05:00PM

You Are Not Stealing Records

This week the catalog of Portugal based netlabel You Are Not Stealing Records was added to the Free Music Archive.

The following mix pulls some easy favorites from many of the YANSR albums on the FMA. You will want to jump around in the mix to find items you enjoy, because a broad spectrum of genres are covered.

These include Ambient, Ambient Electronic, Avant-Garde, Blues, Chip Music, Classical, Composed Music, Electronic, Experimental, Experimental Pop, Field Recordings, Folk, Goth, Indie-Rock, Industrial, Lounge, Metal, New Wave, Noise, Noise-Rock, Polka, Post-Rock, Punk, Reggae - Dub, Rock, Rockabilly, Sound Collage, and Surf.

That's a lot of ground for one label! Enjoy!

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