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wormstudio on 10/11/2012 at 12:31PM


Here's an edit that Rutger made from the recordings he made @worm studio last summer.

If you want to hear the whole thing; it's called 'Doepfer Worm'   released on cd on Entr'acte

(discription; Synthesizer based collages, partly recorded on vintage synths at WORM, Rotterdam. Not your average Machinefabriek release ).

(makes you wonder what a regular machinefabriek release is...)

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emcecil on 05/17/2012 at 03:45PM

Digital Stimulation: An Interview with the Units' Scott Ryser

Daily_texanSuicide may have lit the torch in the mid-'70s, but one could argue that by decade's end, its carriers lived on the other side of the country -- in San Francisco.  Sure, L.A. had the Screamers and some other odd ducks.  But SF hosted an impressive number of bent bands who used synths, tape machines and other electrical apparatus to extend punk's mutated left end by leaps/bounds.  Informed by avant garde composers and performance artists, fueled by apocalyptic abandon and paranoid pop twitch, groups like Tuxedomoon, Nervous Gender, the Residents, Factrix, Minimal Man, Chrome, and Pink Section would release timeless slabs of aggresively bizarre noise -- as would the Units, whose Digital Stimulation LP (415 Records, 1980) remains a personal favorite.  The album's a lush and moody salvo if there ever was one, and I was thrilled to ask former lead synth player and vocalist Scott Ryser (right) a few questions about the band and its M.O. by e-mail last week.

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