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murmurintemporel on 06/19/2016 at 10:09AM

New Release : Daniel James Dolby - Grimojo

From UK, Daniel James Dolby is a composer for Film, Television and Games.

Grimojo is a combination of dark ambient and slow jazz composed for a short film of the same name, which uses manipulated found sounds and dark synths to create an oppressive, ominous atmosphere.

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murmurintemporel on 05/12/2016 at 08:08AM

March 1, 2016 - New release : LINCOLN WOODS

Lincoln Woods - Infinite melodies

First release on Murmure Intemporel by Lincoln Woods, a project by Csaba Szentpétery (Hungary).

Lincoln Woods - "Op1" (09:59)
Lincoln Woods - "Op1" (09:59)
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sardanpavlov on 11/18/2013 at 06:45PM

YlangYlang's Fantasmagories EP, on Jeunesse Cosmique

Check out the most recent EP from Montreal imprint Jeunesse Cosmique co-proprietor Catherine Debard, a short collection of freeform ambient psychedelia featuring Eddie Wagner on the opening track. Debard also has a new A Sacred Cloud LP out with fellow JC co-proprietor Chittakone Baccam, currently available on LP via Jeunesse Cosmique after a successful cassette edition through Arachnidiscs Recordings. 

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sardanpavlov on 09/05/2013 at 10:32PM

Experimental radio show from Rejections

Decoder hasn't left much of a footprint at FMA recently, while we've been working out the kinks at our website, but we're to get back into the swing of things by sharing this new work from Michael Hann, aka Rejections. The Jt Wrks are an hour long installment in Hann's experimental radio show, Transmit to Fade; Sonic Router described it aptly as " incredibly different exploration of musical tension," composed as it is of contextually varied and subsequently distorted field recordings. Hann describes it...

Transmit to Fade (T2F) is an extension of the nervous system which runs through and from the Teesside based Reject and Fade label, which is managed by producer, writer and film maker Rejections (aka Michael Hann) and will be broadcasted on the international digital radio station Basic FM.

The first episode from T2F is called The Jt Wrks, a soundscape created by Rejections out of field recordings and samples taken on a family holiday in Whitby in 2009. The piece unfolds in a dreamlike manner to explore the finite nature of memory, the tensions inherent in familial relationships, time and loss.

Rejections - "The Jt Wrks" (01:01:03)
Rejections - "The Jt Wrks" (01:01:03)
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ange on 06/06/2013 at 08:14AM

Music for Video: Shades of Drone

University of Haifa Younes & Soraya Nazarian Library (CC BY-SA)

Sometimes the sound you're looking for is a sound that sustains. Music for sitting right where you are, but going somewhere, slowly.

This Music for Video mix highlights many shades of drone and ambient electronic music from across the Free Music Archive, including some that can set a relaxing and joyful tone, and others that can be a tool for your most tense and chaotic scenes. The best drone delivers, creating a tonality upon which the rest of the piece is built, often creating a meditative space, taking on the feeling of a sculpture, and evoking intense feelings.

1. Lee Rosevere (websiteCC BY-NC) - Looking out the window of an airplane at dawn. Part of a compilation of songs intended for meditation and relaxing.

2. Zachary Cale, Mighty Moon & Ethan Schmid (websiteCC BY-NC) - The fifth in the Natch collaborative series features a team effort on "Trees Don't Sleep," which begins with two minutes of drone before the drums and melodies join in. Drone stays along for the ride.

3. Tom Carter (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - Looped guitar drones of immensely stacked beauty, with heaps of psychedelic melodic content. Fantastic.

4. Saito Koji (websiteCC BY-NC-SA) - Straight from the Fukushima native's most recent release, Koji's heavily distorted guitar grows large.

5. A. P. Vague (websiteCC BY-NC) - A calm loop slowly loses its cool, like driving through a spring rainstorm.

6. Candelgravity (website, CC BY-NC-SA) - The tragic and the beautiful twisted together.


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