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“Alright Lover” (Used 4 times)

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brenda_medina on 04/10/2019 at 04:12AM

Music Relax

divertidas cadenas de retos para wasap y cadenas de preguntas alegres, al final del dia termino hablando con mi amiga sobre las parejas goals y las frases de amor cortas que nos dedican nuestros novios o sobre los regalos goals de 14 de febrero, bueno esto es cosa de chicas. pictogramas de seguridad bien quiero comentarles que soy ingeniera de sistemas, estudie en USA Masteryu Full y me encanta la tecnologia del arroba y la enseñanza de como se pone arroba en una laptop

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ange on 03/28/2013 at 12:30AM

Music for Video: April Showers

Photo by Alex Jacobi

This is Snoop Dog's favorite Music for Video collection, because it's perfect for drizzle.

A mix of mellow, reflective and moody songs, perfect for watching Spring rainstorms outside your window. It's like lying upside down off the edge of your bed thinking about someone far away. Like walking home early in the morning, after sleeping somewhere you shouldn't have, while the streets are still wet. It's a mix that makes you want to throw away all your adderall and start feeling again.

1. Gillicuddy (websiteCC BY-NC) - Simple minimalist folk played with extreme sincerity. The sound of flowers growing out of wet soil.

2. Podington Bear (websiteCC BY-NC) - There is an entire world and an epic tale within this song. If you like this, then you might also like the huge library of instrumental albums Podington Bear offers for non-commercial use. Contact the artist for more permissions.

3. Chris Zabriskie (websiteCC BY) - You're trying so hard to make things work, but you just can't get it together. Contact the artist for more permissions.

4. Candlegravity (websiteCC BY-NC-SA) - The soundtrack to your long distance relationship. A voice enters about a minute in and repeats throughout the song.

5. Augustus Bro & Gallery Six (websiteCC BY-NC-SA) - Music for finding beauty in something ordinary. I'm pretty sure this was the song playing during the paper bag scene in American Beauty.

6. LASERS (websiteCC BY-NC-SA) - Music for taking in the world around you, feeling connected and distant all at once.


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