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andrewcsmith on 09/17/2010 at 01:00PM

Alessandro Bosetti — For speech and water

Alessandro Bosetti's texts begin as intimate, internal moments of prose and over many repetitions they become subsumed by the music. He'll be playing Saturday night at ISSUE with his trio Trophies, comprising Bosetti, guitarist Kenta Nagai, and drummer Tony Buck (of The Necks). I've added tracks from Bosetti's previous performance at ISSUE below, and a video of a Trophies studio recording after the jump.

Bosetti made the first piece about a trip he took to an island, where he made field recordings of large, resonant spaces. One of these—an underground tunnel full of water—foms the basis of this piece. As he repeats the spoken loop, which arises seamlessly out of his introductory monologue, the sounds of the tunnel get louder and louder, eventually drowning out his voice.

The words become music in more ways than one: sure, their phonetic elements sound pretty, but the sound also encroaches. The words—the meaning of the words—gets lost under the weight of the sound that the words are attached to. As the words repeat, obsessively, it seems that Bosetti is both trying to find the meaning of the phrase and to rid himself of it.

Be absolutely sure to check out the video of Trophies after the jump. Tony Buck's relentless asymmetric playing, combined with the union of Bosetti's speech and Nagai's fretless guitar makes for a ceaseless freak out somewhere between Albert Ayler and Robert Ashley.

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