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murmurintemporel on 05/07/2016 at 02:26PM

March 29, 2016 - New release : SYNFLICT

Behind Synflict is Olliver Wichmann who lives in Leipzig, Germany.

"Cords and Connectors" is a suite of seven parts where ideas evolve and fade away, tonal ranges contract and expand or shapes become clearly visible only to disappear in the fog or reverberation again.

These technical details firmly place this album in electroacoustic or acousmatic territory, though these keywords should only be considered a shorthand for the most probable of all descriptions.

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Fusion_Netlabel on 10/12/2011 at 09:51AM

[FN_36] Shema - Aborval 8 bit

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S27 on 03/06/2011 at 05:41PM

Mitoma - Interstellar Debris

Mitoma is the newest musical creation from the same two happy Scotsmen behind the Altered:Carbon project, an album which sonically aims more towards dark dancefloor orientated sounds than the aforementioned alias. "Interstellar Debris" has been described as:

" excellent journey of sonic proportions. Razor sharp rhythms pulse frenetically over an open spaced and futuristic backdrop. There are moments that hint of rust and mechanical decay, as beautiful tones dance and weave behind writhing chemical reactions which would make a befitting soundtrack to the birth of the universe. Put simply, a stunning and moving piece of sound art." (J.Straw)

Release page on the FMA



Mitoma - "Vlibb" (06:16)
Mitoma - "Vlibb" (06:16)
Mitoma - "Rvrk" (04:38)
Mitoma - "Rvrk" (04:38)
Mitoma - "Debris" (03:58)
Mitoma - "Debris" (03:58)
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LCL on 01/10/2011 at 06:00PM

"La boite a sons" remix contest : listen to the contributions

We're very happy and excited to present on FMA the pre-selection for "La Boite A Sons" composition contest !

Read down to learn more about this project, and run the herafter player to listen to the contributions :


Summer 2009
: LibreCommeLair (LCL), a french online music label, opens a free creative commons sound bank filled by the artists who collaborated or released on the label.

To spread the new, the label decides to organize a remix contest based on the sound bank.

January 2011 : The contest entries are now closed, we were initialy supposed to make a pre-selection of the tracks we received, but we just couldn't because of the variety and quality of tracks : dub, reggae, electroacustic, d'n'b, house, electronica... So we let the Jury decide !

Speaking about it, a jury composed of Netaudio and Creative Commons music actors will make a final selection that will be released as a compilation on LibreCommeLair.
The Jury will be : FreeMusicArchive, Notheen, Subflow, DivergenceFM, INQ, Netwaves, Netaudio Berlin, AQuietBump, iD.EOLOGY and Dogmazic.

Here are all the tracks in competition for your listening (and downloading) pleasure, if you want to learn more about the artists, you will find bios and links on this soundcloud page :

If you are looking for free sound loops and samples, help yourself and browse our soundbank :


LibreCommeLair (LCL)

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S27 on 07/24/2010 at 07:51PM

[S27-050] Nonima - Karmadebt

Our 50th release on Section 27 comes from label co-founder Nonima, the followup to his 2009 album "Wrpdata" entitled "Karmadebt". Described as "a mysterious and enigmatic work that quite profoundly demonstrates his evolution as an artist.

Think electronic music with an extended exposure to Chernobyl radiation, a bouquet of darkened hues neatly packed into curvy, symmetric metal structures. Whether you're keen to lush textures or aggressive drum arrangements, Nonima has managed to expand his forte in experimental music to a magnificently illustrious scale, spanning countless genres while remaining persistent as one incredibly distinct entity.


To download as MP3 click HERE

For the High Quality FLAC Version, please click HERE

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THKAD - "[ROMB]" (04:41)
THKAD - "[ROMB]" (04:41)
THKAD - "return" (05:34)
THKAD - "return" (05:34)
THKAD - "hi-zop 3.4" (04:31)
THKAD - "hi-zop 3.4" (04:31)
THKAD - "1 D xop" (05:31)
THKAD - "1 D xop" (05:31)
THKAD - "o utro" (01:01)
THKAD - "o utro" (01:01)