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minusbaby on 05/13/2011 at 04:24PM


"The final moult of the naiad is not to the full adult form, but to a winged subimago that physically resembles the adult, but which is usually sexually immature." (via Wikipedia)

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herr_professor on 11/23/2010 at 09:30AM

Shifting Sands

Live at Blip 2007

Sometimes I dig too obscurely in the Chip Music vaults and overlook the obvious inclusions. Earlier this year you saw me correct one such omission with the upload of Anamanaguchi, and this week I fill in another gap in the archive with an upload from 8bitpeoples member Bit Shifter.

For those already a fan of chip music, he probably needs no introduction but to the casual observer, it should known that Bit Shifter, aka Joshua Davis, is one of the most skilled and popular purveyors of the "Game Boy Blasting Awesome Crowd With Phenomenal Sound System" school of chip music. His songs run the gamut from chirpy pop punk influence anthems to doomy drum and bass freak outs, and he does so entirely within the framework of the sound set of the Game Boy.

The EP we are featuring this week is his first for 8bitpeoples, Information Chase, but you can always check out his previous FMA upload, his awe-inspiring set from the 2009 Blip Festival. Enjoy, and catch you guys next week.

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herr_professor on 09/21/2010 at 09:32AM

Back to School with Rushjet1

After a nice month off, we are back with a request from our FMA readers. Rushjet1 is on of the undisputed masters of the 2a03, the little sound chip you can find in the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Famicom.

However unlike many musicians, who choose to use relatively user friendly tools like Famitracker or Midines, Rushjet1's platform of choice is the enigmatic and arcane world of MCK/MML. Predominantly common to Japan, Music Markup Language, or MML, is basically a programing language that is like HTML for Music.

There are MML compilers for a variety of platforms from Midi to various game consoles but all of it is merely a technological curiosity unless the resulting songs are entertaining, and Rushjet1's songs are some of the best composed of all the modern NES musicians.

His Sounds of the 2a03 may be one of my favorite releases on the 8bitpeoples netlabel. What is even more amazing is when you think of this mid-western US musician writing these tunes in notepad during commutes to and from work, basically entirely in his head. Checkout the songs in this EP and explore the rest of his music online that I have posted in his FMA profile, and see you guys in seven days!

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rushjet1, 2a03, 8bitpeoples
herr_professor on 06/29/2010 at 09:04AM

The World Cup of Chip - Japan

Live at Blip Festival '08

Ok, so this whole WORLD CUP OF CHIP thing has been fun, but it has also been the kiss of death for the featured country, with both France and Italy going down to tragic elimination. A number of my other world cup choices have also been elminated before we could write about them, so it remains to see what we have in store for our last week, but we must soldier on as today's country, Japan prepares for its knock out round match. And representing Japan is Fuckoka's own, USK.

USK is perhaps the perfect chip music/lo-bit/rave performer, with high energy pounding beats and blips to shake chipmusic fanatics and interested outsiders alike. He is also a frequent collaborator and remixer, as well as amazing live performer who has played the Blip Festival and opened for diverse acts like Deerhoof, and in a bonjovian display of hubric hyper-prowess, rocked them all.

Here's hoping the energy from his 8bitpeoples release PICOPICODISCO is enough to propel his country into the next round. Pump the music so loud they can hear it over the vuvuzelas halfway across the world and see you guys right here in seven days for the final round of the World Cup of Chip.

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usk, deerhoof, 8bitpeoples
herr_professor on 05/25/2010 at 08:55AM

Mondo Trash80

Photo credit: M. Becker

With summer just around the corner, its time to get less aggressive with these chip music things, and get into good old fashioned summer jams. Perhaps the earliest US chip music artist to embrace the idea of creative commons releases was California's Timothy Lamb, aka Trash80. As a member of the 8bitpeoples collective he has released a number of online recordings, including this weeks featured EP, Icarus.

 A bit of a Renascence man, Lamb not only is a talented musican, with his smooth dance flavored tracks, but a programmer, graphic artist and hardware designer. Projects like his "Prosound Mod" to improve audio output on the Nintendo Game Boy opened the door on on a whole slew of mods to make the corporate toy more suitable for the trenches of club warfare, and his software and hardware projects like Arduinoboy, OKi Computer, and ChipSynth has made it possible for all kinds of crazy chip sound integration into the "pro" producers setup.

Above all his music is the most impressive, as showcased below on Icarus. Check out why TCTD picked it as the best release of 2008, and we will see you again in seven.

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