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NetMusic_Life on 12/15/2012 at 05:03AM

Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band - “The Ferret Show” (Upitup Records 052)

Questo album è uno spasso!

Ha prepotentemente invaso l'audio delle mie ultime giornate. Una miscela esplosiva di chiptune music, swing e jazz che suona alle mie orecchie come qualcosa di mai ascoltato fino ad ora...

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impro, 8bit, chiptune, funk, jazz
tanomontini on 07/26/2012 at 09:16PM

I want to introduce to

  • http://2NERD.infoExperimental Free-Mind Artists // Inteligent Electronic MusicInstant Bloggin influences, extremely sharing expression of art
  • Starts with a music bloggin that dig in new genres with the same interest in this new epoch that we're living: high resonance of artistic expresion and cultural movement. This works like a "last influences" portfolio in "real-time", of the independent and free-mind artists expression in music, sharing to the world.Hip-Hop Beats, electronical experimentation like IDM & Glitch, Circuit Bending, 8Bits and genre waves like chill step, Post-Dubstep sincronization of feelings, a big list of Inteligent Electronic Music.
  • 1 SET PER MONTH - FULL MUSIC REVIEWMonthly reports are uploaded as mixed sets promoting genders in a selection of emerging artists, and invite the participation and cooperation between musicians to weave styles and forms executed in full live sets.2Nerd attempts to capture the energy emotive from who created a work to shape it and merge it with other, and then, increase it to the sense of groove, promoting what sounds from the bottom of the hole, lifting ideas and connecting them to strangers long borders.
  • So begins a celebration for free and independent art!From various media channels flowing together, we create this staging, a show that works as a database of information continuously creative.A surf-live happens on reviewing the expressions and human tools, wherenew art is shared with exaggeration.Improvised Beats, Glitch Hop, street poetry, the bass sound. Integrated circuits, Chip-Tunes, VCRs, video games, movies intervened, projected objects, photographs aliveConnected, the expressions become organic electronic, euphoric experienced between waves of young and emerging genres.Please Visit:
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xe_val on 11/12/2010 at 10:56PM

Live Set [2005]

[ALG-SET001] - Plumb and Plumber - Live Set

laptop improvisation at the I alg-a live acts in the Fine Arts School. Pontevedra, Sp. sinewaves, field recordings, noise and a synth(zynaddsubfx)perfomance.

p&p proyect was created in 2002 by Xesús Valle.

Stream ||   



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S27 on 08/29/2010 at 04:56PM

[S27-053] Doc Deem - The Rutherford

Doc Deem has been making music since 2000, mostly in a field known as experimental electronic, his sound wavers between danceable and maddening to more emotionally resonant, creating awe-inspiring atmospheres with cinematic scope.

His second release on S27 "The Rutherford" continues in this vein whilst expanding from his previous self-titled release, 9 tracks which are both harsh and beautiful in equal measure.

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idm, 8bit, electro, chiptune