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Visager on 04/29/2016 at 02:46PM

Making Music for Unknown Worlds

How do you make music for a world that doesn't exist? This was the question I began my project with. To answer it, I have just released an album -- Songs From An Unmade World 2 -- which features both standalone and loopable tracks that are available for indie game developers and designers to use in their own projects. These tracks are inspired by old-school adventure/RPG video game music, and they mix classic chiptune sounds with more modern electronic elements. In releasing this album, it is my hope fill a void for game creators by placeing high-quality music in the Creative Commons so that projects on a tight budget come to life!

As a composer and music producer for almost five years, I have worked collaborated with makers in dance, theater, film, and more. But making music for games, to me, feels like an entirely different, exciting category of composition.

The biggest difference comes in the way music is literally woven into the fabric of your players' experiences. In film, theater, and dance, music generally lives a linear existence -- bits of music are tied to specific moments that the performers and audience experience simultaneously. In this framework, music becomes strongly tied to emotional moments.

In video games, however, music often serves a much more textural purpose -- the player lives inside of your music. They encounter your notes, rhythms, and melodies around every corner as they play the game. Figuring out how to make an almost living soundtrack is a much more intriguing puzzle to solve than working on a linear project. Both Songs From An Unmade World 2, and its forerunner, Songs From An Unmade World (released on FMA last fall), were a fantastic exploration for me in this organic side of musical world-building. 

I hope you're reading this because there's something useful for you in one of these two albums! If so, I would love for you to drop me a line on Twitter. If you're just here because you are curious about video game music, that is awesome in and of itself -- there is so much great video game music out there to discover. Happy exploring!

You can find more music from Visager by visiting his website:

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H3llb0und on 01/29/2014 at 06:41PM

H3llb0und - Chiptune Composer

Hey guys, if you love chiptune music, please check out my tracks. Links are on my profile. Happy listening!

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lizziedavis on 07/27/2012 at 11:15AM

FM Funk Maddness!!

photoThis is the best chiptune-funk comp ever! To anyone who's ever made disparaging remarks about the soullessness of FM synthesis, I present this album as irrefutable evidence of the contrary. On FM FUNK MADNESS!!, synths come alive. Tracks like Blitz Lunar's "Cascade Masquerade" immediately conjure comparisons to the hits of the great Wild Cherry. The following track,"Fashion Queen" by Kulor is a natural thematic and musical successor to Madonna's "Vogue." Later in the album, the thumping bassline of Tsuyoshi Shimokura's aptly-titled "FunkOsaka" brings to mind not waveform crests and nodes, but the pulsating lights of Studio 54!

FM FUNK MADNESS!! was compiled and released by Ubiktune, a chiptune and video game music-related netlabel based out of Russia.

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