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Conference for One by sonic update

Album Description

Released:August 23rd, 2010

sonic update is a project initiated by composers/performers/improvisers Nikolaus Gerszewski and Gustavo Aguilar in which the utilization of an instrument’s full sound-producing capacity mimics and informs the duo’s interest in the social and communicative aspect of making music. In his notes for the original versionof Conference, which was scored for percussion sextet, Gerszewski writes:

The piece is essentially a soundscape that makes use of tambourines, shakers, guiros, spring drums, harmonicas, cabassas, sleighbells, slide whistles, bowed cardboard tubes, and the crumpling of newspaper. My aim was to produce, through manual means, sounds that resembled those typically produced electronically. The title, Conference, refers to the fact that the performers are sitting at tables while playing, much like many of today’s electronic music processors (e.g. laptop performers) might do. Yet what is lost when there is no corporeal match between electronically produced sounds and their human interlocutors? Could I recuperate that match by asking performers to interject that corporeality?

In this latest version of Conference (now aptly titled Conference for One since Aguilar is the lone performer), Aguilar tries to create a non-hierarchical and thoroughly re-embodied and interdependent social interactivity between a laptop and a human.

Conference for One is sonic update’s first release.



Conference for One
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