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netBloc Vol. 29: Fantastic! Incredible! Stupendous! by netBloc Artists

Album Description

Released:July 6th, 2010

We’re back with another one for you… number 29 in our excellent, genre-busting netBloc series! For this one we pulled together netaudio from Canada, France, Hungary, Minneapolis, The Netherlands, New Jersey, Richmond, Sweden and the UK. What you’ll find is nothing less than back to back gems. As always, this netBloc release is designed to both introduce the newbie to the netaudio scene and to provide a quick way for netaudio listeners to catch up on what’s new. In addition to the worldwide goodies released by others, we’ve also got a sneak peak at what blocSonic and Just Plain Sounds has in store for you Tuesday, July 27th – our next original release, in partnership with Just Plain Sounds, Just Plain Ant’s “Rumble, Young Man, Rumble”!

So thanks again for keeping up with all that we have to offer! Also, extra special thanks to all participating artists & labels!

Grab “netBloc Vol. 29: Fantastic! Incredible! Stupendous!” here and remember to keep the music movin’… share it… podcast it… broadcast it!

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