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Left by minusbaby

Album Description

"Left" cover [front]
Released:August 29th, 2009
Producer: Richard Alexander Caraballo
Engineer: Richard Alexander Caraballo

The first time I listened to "Left" I was 6,000 feet above sea level being driven in a car navigating the winding roads of the Himalayas. The last time I listened to "Left" was a few minutes ago while watching some writers at the 5Pointz graffiti spot in Queens. Both times I was mentally transported to a place between those two extremes – the majestic and the everyday. Can something be both timeless and fresh? It can when the bass is the base and each snare truly ensnares.

Once again, minusbaby has shown us the proto-urban; an audio space where an imaginary city is built in the mind's eye from the rawest materials and yet still seems to be polished and eternal. Please, enjoy, as I do, the reductive/constructive paradox which is minusbaby's perpetual rhythm machine and sip and nibble from one of the most inconspicuously nuanced suppers ever to disguise itself as a snack. Simplicity was never so deceptive.

Nathaniel Adams • Jersey City, NJ • August 2009

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MAnneleen on 01/29/10 at 10:47AM
Been listening to your music for several years now and still enjoying the chipsounds... thanks for sharing them^^
Belgium has big 8bitmusic fans... come and visit us sometimes!!
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