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a feather for frog's first wing by cloud mouth

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this is music that was born out of euphoric dreams, and frustrating realities.Coming from a land where Monotonous hums lumber around like sleepy giants through empty avenues; on the edge of sleep, all that keeps them awake are the
uncontrollable outbursts coming from the toothless mouths hiding in the palms of their hands, when they feel sister sleep tugging at their eyelids they cover their ears with their hands and let the mouths lull them to wakefulness.
This is music that was made for the sheer joy of it, practically out of necessity…….
Drawing inspiration from most every facet of my waking/sleeping life.
Life, through my filter, put to music.
Beautiful drones, harsh pings and snaps
in-eloquent blithering, fluid expression,
accidental grace, and premeditated movements.
It scared me…..
It was that point I thought to myself “perhaps i should give others a chance to listen..”
and so was born
songs from the sewer
the birddog days

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