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Trilogi Peradaban by Zoo

Album Description


Yogyakarta’s Zoo’s successful concoction of its punk rock roots with a seasoning of traditional music elements makes them a beacon of the Indonesian Underground. Their debut album, Trilogi Peradaban (Civilization Trilogy) is formed by three distinct movements forged from sessions conducted in 2007/08, tracing the bands fast evolution from the Ruins-esque proto-punk of Neolithikum (New Stone Age) and Mesolithikum (Middle Stone Age) to the spontaneous folkish neo traditionalism ranting of Palaeolithikum (Old Stone Age). With 22 tracks ranging from dissonant math-rock expelled in quick Melt Banana like successions to acoustic shamanistic vocal uttering’s produced with the Skeletal framed lineup of drums, bass and Jembe, all lined with the deft vocalisations of Rully Shabara Herman telling a story of the deterioration of cultural roots in modern civilization.


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Trilogi Peradaban
01. Manekin Bermesin (00:46)
02. Halilintar (00:40)
03. Menyudahi Gelap (00:57)
04. Misantrophe (01:30)
05. Kupu-Kupu (01:11)
07. Lalat-Lalat (02:13)
08. Takluk (03:54)
09. Di Masa Depan (01:04)
10. Merdeka (02:00)
11. Buldoser (01:04)
12. Kelana (03:50)
13. Perang, Saudara (02:23)
15. Para Raksasa (01:37)
16. Eskalator (04:38)
18. Doa Pengampunan (01:14)
19. Luluh Lantak (01:07)
20. Kelak (00:51)
21. Ke Medan Perang (01:45)

Trilogi Peradaban by Zoo is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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