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Punto Frattaglie by Wesqk Coast

Album Description

Released:March 5th, 2017

Wesqk Coast | "ID" SR155

Type: mp3

Location: Italy

Date: 06/03/2017

Track: 10

Genre: IDM, glitch, house, deep web, surveillance systems, cameras everywhere, 

your sleep, inner depths of mind control, MK Ultra, electronic 

Section: Indigo

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"ID is an album that faces the police nature of today's society, following anti-subjectivist and anti-identitarian perspectives. 

It all started the time some character was found hovering between leftovers by the back of Punto Frattaglie's shop and kicked away.

This scene draws the attention to dietary dysfunctions, the excesses and the insufficiencies, taking lead as a symbol of a well balanced way of life.

To the narrative combinations of these plentitudes the theme of drugs joins in, vanishing point at the same time centrifugal and centripetal.

We then see coming to the stage, arm in arm with drugs, another key chapter: the negative additions as the grounds for identitarian-comunitarian narratives. 

In this mythology of the contemporary, starry helicopters above us, a crystallized magma inside us.

Dreaming is no longer possible, a procedurality is imposed upon us: other characters, lying under a sycamore tree, are kidnapped by technocrats and sent into space. 

The experiments on human guinea pigs unaware of the simulation they've been caged in incite the mythopoeia of the mob, which with a backlash precedes the coup to itself.

The ending is a small symphony celebrating the implorations to sink into black holes."


01. Punto Frattaglie (02:32)

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