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Adam Shearer born John Adam Weinland Shearer and better known by his band and recording name John Weinland or Weinland is an American singer-songwriter. Shearer has released four studio albums and is also a member of the band Alialujah Choir.


Born in Kalispell, Montana Shearer grew up in a musical family. His dad taught guitar lessons and his mom who studied music at college, played organ at the local church. With only two radio stations in Kalispell, a classic rock and country stations, Shearer's parents were the first to introduce Adam to the music of Neil Young, Cat Stevens and other folk influences. In 1998 Shearer moved to Portland, Oregon to study psychology at Lewis and Clark College. After graduating in 2001, Shearer began writing and performing songs under the name John Weinland. Utilizing a makeshift home studio in 2003/2004 Shearer recorded a series of songs that he pressed to vinyl and sold at Portland shows.



In 2005 Aaron Pomerantz (dobro/mandolin) and Rory Brown (bass) joined Shearer and took John Weinland from a solo project to a trio. The following year additional musicians joined the band and in 2006 Shearer recorded his first studio album Demersville.

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