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LOCATION:Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Jen Pague - Lead Vocals
  • Keyboards
  • Adam Shumski- Drums

Vita and the Woolf is the brain child of Jennifer Pague. It is an electronic soul pop musical group from Philadelphia. The band name was inspired by the love relationship between novelists Vita Sackville and Virginia Woolf. 

Pague has been writing songs under the Vita moniker since 2012. Much of the music is vocal driven and includes a wide range of harmonies. Many have compared Pague's voice to that of Florence Welch. Her romantically tragic and adventuresome lyrics tie into her European travels to Belgium and the Netherlands.

The haunting harmonies and vocal layering combined with crazy instrumentation and simple drumming produce a sound that reflects R&B, soul, jazz, and powerful choral ballads.

They released their debut EP Fang Song in September 2014.



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