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Greatest It [v/a 2010] by Various Artists [Greatest It]

Album Description

Greatest It
Released:March 8th, 2010

Six of the most original netlabels have teamed up for one release – each label presenting three of their favorite tracks from their own catalog – to celebrate the idea of free music, and to simply bring you the shit de la shit!

1. Vernon LeNoir

Crane Stance In The Stench Of Gore (Ego Twister)

2. Silencide

Sirba (Ego Twister)

3. Amnesie

Lapin Numéro Un (Ego Twister)

4. Roglok

:P (Upitup)

5. Tracky Birthday feat. Dragan

Websiiite (Upitup)

6. Candlestickmaker

Unclog (Upitup)

7. Happy Elf

Another day (WM Recordings)

8. The Rabbits

Quick Make It Stop (WM Recordings)

9. Manuele Atzeni

Crezima (WM Recordings)

10. Okapi

Mammal Interpreter (Ituri-Mix) (Proot)

11. Thiaz Itch

The Gardener's Lament (Proot)

12. Katapulto

Striptease (Proot)

13. DJ Donna Summer

Rock Rock Rock (Aaron Spectre Remix) (Cock Rock Disco)

14. Captain Ahab

Feel Anymore (Cock Rock Disco)

15. Dev/Null

Zombie Sunset (Cock Rock Disco)

16. Bakers at Dawn

Undefined (Peppermill)

17. Rafter

Long Ago A Rodent As Big As A Bull Lurked In South America (Peppermill)

18. Le Rok

Le Rokford Files (Peppermill)

Cover art by Amandine Urruty



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