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  • Cesare Discepoli - guitar
  • Enrico Coniglio - laptop
  • psalterium
  • sampler
  • Francesca Coniglio - live visuals
  • Giampaolo Campus - zither
  • Massimo Croce - laptop
  • Massimo Discepoli - synth
  • Sergio Camedda - sampler

Ala Social Net 2012

Netlabel Live Session 

Starting from an idea of Adriano Bossola and Giampaolo Campus and thanks to the Skywine Showroom support, there was a meeting in Ala (TN) on 12th January 2012 among some Italian netlabels. The aim of this event was to estabilish an active collaboration among the participants. This to get a wider spread of the Creative Commons Music in Italy and to create events with musicians belonging to this area. 

During the two days meeting, the musicians coming from the invited netlabels performed first their own live music and then they joined together in a final improvisation session. From this last event it came out the idea to start a first collaboration project and, so, to publish this session on the web as a free download. On this occasion four of the following netlabels playing in Ala decided then to join the release publishing it simultaneously on the web:

Acustronica - AlchEmistica - ozky e-sound - Parafonica - 

Ala Social Net 2012 Netlabel Live Session

01. Netlabel Live Session 19.19 

Recorded live in Ala on 12th January 2012 at the Skywine Showroom. 

The front cover is by Francesca Coniglio

To have further information about the Netlabel Meeting kept in Ala on the 13th October 2012: "Netlabel, blog, web publishing, internet: as the net and the social media changed the music production and spreading in Italy; a comparison of experiences and ideas. An example even for a new and innovative territorial creativity, wine included"

with interventions by:

- Andrea Aguzzi (Alchemistica Netlabel e Blogger di Chitarra e dintorni, Venezia)

- Adriano Bossola (La bèl Netlabel, Biella/Roma)

- Giampaolo Campus (Parafonica Netlabel, Trento)

- Enrico Coniglio (Laverna e Galaverna Netlabel, Venezia)

- Massimo Croce (ozky e sound Netlabel, Ferrara)

- Massimo Discepoli (Acustronica Netlabel, Perugia)

- Cosimo Lupo (Lupoeditore, Lecce)

- Giampiero Nadali (social web technologist and marketing adviser, Verona)

introduced and coordinated by Fabio De Santi, journalist and Indiemusic blog curator;

edited by Parafonica Netlabel;


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