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The Anechoic Experience by Unthunk

Album Description

Released:July 21st, 2014

After releasing two singles on Happy Puppy, the time has come for the full-length offering The Anechoic Experience from the band Unthunk.

Essentially the work of Trevor Tunnacliffe, he is joined by a host of friends on this collection of dense and complex compositions including Maria Alejandra Velásquez-Sossa, David Sossa Fernández and jazz drummer Buff Allen. It's quite unlike anything we've ever released, and has a unique serious classical-style about it, but also with a slight wink.

As Trevor writes, "There’s two basic impulses at play in the album. Most of the pieces were composed to address a self-appointed puzzle. Sometimes the puzzle is framed initially in words, sometimes in structure or a gesture, but in any case, it is the notes and lyrics – the language – that attempt to solve each puzzle. A score is produced, then the players bring the score to life, converting the puzzles to sound at the end of the process.

To balance the first approach, the filler pieces (Everything you thought of I-VIII) come from the impulse to make a happy noise. The notes and phrases are spontaneous and off the cuff. The piece was completed in a weekend, then cut up to fill out the album."




The Anechoic Experience

The Anechoic Experience by Unthunk is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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