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Zum Geburtstag von Moritz R und Frank F by Ton Rückert

Album Description

Released:December 31st, 2005

In October 2005 both Moritz Reichelt - painter, designer and member of Der Plan - and Frank Fenstermacher - Der Plan, A Certain Frank, Atatak label - celebrated their 50th birthday.
Long time fan, collector and WM Recordings artist Werner Popp invited various friends and colleagues of Moritz and Frank to contribute a track for a special birthday compilation. This little piece of German pop history is now exclusively available from WM Recordings.

Liner notes by Werner Popp:1. Rockformation Diskokugel - Frankophil
Wonderful young band from Darmstadt, city of Jugendstil. They are produced by Atatak. I met them first time at a Fehlfarben concert.

2. JJ.Jones - Geburtstagslied
Great perfomer and member of Der Plan (v4.0). As I know this is his interpretation of an idea by Moritz. Mo wants to make a german birthdaysong, so we don't have to use the Happy birthday all the time.

3. Andrea Donau - Ich freue mich (astrid lindgren remix)
Andrea Donau comes from Austria, she is 78 years old and makes soundcollages with her 486 MS-DOS computer and Ad-lib Soundcard. Recorded at the Glueck Auf! Studio. She uses clips from Andreas Dorau songs and a piece from a Astrid Lindgren radio play for children.
She doesn't use the internet.

4. Saskia von Klitzing - Frank-Ohm-Rama (Saunameditation) I.
The very talented female drummer of Fehlfarben made this.

5. Kiesgroup - When I'm 54

6. Helge Hiller - Ein Fest für den Moritz, ein Fest für den Frank
I met the long lost step cousin of the excentric avantgarde musician in a secret place near Vienna. He follows me to the Glueck Auf! Studios and does his version of an old Holger Hiller classic.
Nice guy but a little bit shy. He doesn't use computers.

7. Künstler Treu - Deutschland, Deutschland bleiches Brötchen
Listen, laugh, love it!

8. Les Eves Nouvelles - Zum Geburtstag viel Glück
(Johann Sebastian Bach/Mildred J.Hill arranged by Thomas Klein and Andreas Reihse (both members of Kreidler)

9. Popeye Experience - Why I hate Birthday songs
Another collage by my - Werner Popp's - Alter Ego. I used several happy birthady versions I found on the net. Most of them by the way at Oddio Overplay (thank you). I listened too much to happy birthday versions, and I started to hate this song. Overdosed.

10. Ton Rückert - Verschwört
My friendly netherlands neighbour. We met several times. He brought me to the record fair in Utrecht. Ton rebuild Die Verschwörung.
I like it a lot. It's exclusive for WM Recordings and not included on the CD which Moritz and Frank received.


Zum Geburtstag von Moritz R und Frank F by Ton Rückert is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.
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