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Ride the Nuclear Wave by The Oranges Band

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Released:June 14th, 2005

The new album by the Oranges Band, The World & Everything In It, was recorded over a period of months in a Baltimore basement. The album reflects this attention to detail and the Oranges Band's developing sensitivity to pop arrangement, while maintaining the dance rhythms and melodies that the band is already known for. Neighbor J. Robbins (producer of Jets to Brazil, Promise Ring, Maritime) mixed the record. From the atmospherics of the aptly-titled "Atmosphere" and "Believe" to the stately guitar lines of "Ride the Wild Wave" the Oranges Band has moved in a more orchestrated-pop direction, in both instrumentation and song structure.

While the last album, All Around, closed with nods to Brian Eno's Here Comes the Warm Jets, The World & Everything In It, introduces keyboards and backing vocals evocative of other British acts from the 1970s like the Jam and Squeeze. "Ride the Nuclear Wave" is a tambourine-shaking anthem and "The World and Everything In It" offers some warm dub percussion. The CD is available from Lookout Records.

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