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Devoured by the Comfort Zone by The Mind Orchestra

Album Description

via The Mind Orchestra

Devoured by the Comfort Zone, is the long awaited debut album by The Mind Orchestra. Over 25 musicians have come together for the making of this music. Headed up by Nick Gent, there are musicians from all over the world contributing, using online recording sessions & file sharing. Most of the musicians have never met.

The Mind Orchestra have focused on making music that is true to their vision. This is music for the mind and soul & body. This music has been recorded in a variety of locations- Grand Homes, ancient buildings , peoples rooms, studios there is an openess, a rawness. They want to show you landscapes, soundscapes and emotions. You will hear instruments from many different countries and cultures, and everything apart from a few synths has been played in real time, by real musicians.

Devoured by the Comfort Zone is a journey into the unfettered imagination, a soulful ode to 360 degrees of emotion and experience. Telepathic connections have forged links from one to many within their sounds, and they finally have shared their offering with a big hello.



Devoured by the Comfort Zone
01. Nomad (06:45)
02. God-Sauce (07:32)
03. Vibe Merchant (04:50)
05. Little Spirit (05:50)
08. Changes In Mind (04:59)
09. Spirit Walk (05:15)
11. Blossom Trees (03:37)
12. The Minoan (05:39)
14. F-HAristo (04:12)
15. Silver Face (04:55)
16. Cloudflower (04:20)
17. Moonlight (05:27)
18. Seagull (03:37)
19. Our Friends (03:13)

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lrockhq on 04/03/15 at 12:09AM
In case anyone wants to tip these cats via Paypal, there is a link at the bottom left of [].

Excellent album. The diverse instrumental pallete is deeply interesting still, after repeated listening. The synergy is astounding. Lyrics are revealed in moderation. The writers, composers, and players are as skilled as any, endearing this listener with their audible foundation of sensuous, light-seeking work ethic.
02 on 05/03/15 at 12:10AM
Great music you guys are incredible. Love your work.
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