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The Men: Live on WFMU from Beerland, Austin TX 3/17/2012

Album Description

Released:March 17th, 2012

Raucous four-piece post-punk combo out of Brooklyn who've cobbled together a pile of not-so-pounding influences (drone, Krautock, pop) and sets them into car-crash mode. Howling guitars, rocked-up Suicide references, this could be the great crossover Amphetamine Reptile spacerock band if they were around circa 1989. Seriously driving punk rock with intricate, layered structures amidst the raw power. Played live on Brian Turner's show in 2011 (issued as a tour CD), and have a new album out Open Your Heart on Sacred Bones. The gorup now features Ben Greenberg (Hubble / Zs) on bass. Perfect way to tear up the evening's finale at Beerland in Austin TX!

-Brian Turner / WFMU March 2012

Playlist for WFMU's live broadcast from Beerland


Live Performance

Live on WFMU from Beerland, Austin TX 3/17/2012
01. Turn it Around (04:48)
02. Open Your Heart (03:38)
03. I Saw Her Face (04:56)
04. New Song (02:12)
05. Ex-Dreams (05:01)
06. New Song 2 (02:44)
07. Bataille (03:34)
08. Night Landing (06:51)

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Famous Mortimer on 04/02/12 at 01:21PM
Well, this is a treat. Thanks WFMU! (although the buttons seem to have disappeared, so I had to guess whereabouts the download button was).
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