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Wal*Mart-Approved Music by The Hathaway Family Plot

Album Description

Released:April 25th, 2009

The Hathaway Family Plot is a musician from Buffalo, New York, whose mission is to make music with whatever is at hand. The Hathaway Family Plot struggles, however futilely, against late-industrial capitalism, consumer culture, and music-as-commodity. 
Inspired by the increasing practice of musicians sponsored by corporations, these 16 tunes are The Hathaway Family Plot’s latest attempt to make music that is the anti-commodity—sloppy, unmarketable, and sometimes flagrantly difficult to listen to. 
The Hathaway Family Plot encourages people to burn an extra CD, complete with color artwork, smuggle it into your local Wal*Mart, and leave it somewhere inside with the attached note: 
Congratulations! You have located a free copy of Wal*Mart-Approved Music by The Hathaway Family Plot. It was left here by a friend, Wal*Mart does not own it, so it is not shoplifting for you to carry it out, free of charge. 
Warning: The Hathaway Family Plot is not appropriate for children or anyone with a sense of decency.

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