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Bethlehem Is Burning by The Hathaway Family Plot

Album Description


On November 9th, 2016, the morning after the U.S. Presidential election, a massive fire erupts in the former Bethlehem Steel factory south of Buffalo. A young man living nearby wakes up and believes himself to be psychically responsible for the blaze. Imagining that authorities will soon attempt to apprehend him, he immediately flees the area on foot and proceeds to spend the next several months traveling from town to town in Western New York. He mentally breaks down in Lily Dale and subsequently begins experiencing visions and he wonders if he may be the new Messiah, born from the fire of Bethlehem.

All vocals, pianos, keyboards, electronics, drums, kazoos, melodicas, psalteries, toy pianos, toy accordions, guitars, boomsticks, etc. performed by Kevin







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