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View of the Greenland Sea north of Siglufjörður, 2 by The Gateless Gate

Album Description

Released:March 2nd, 2015
Producer: Allister Thompson
Engineer: Allister Thompson

This album is an ambient music evocation of certain landscapes of the northern regions of Iceland near the town of Akureyri, which we visited in the fall of 2014. We were, as most visitors are, very moved by the power of these volcanic landscapes and coastlines and decided to capture them in music.

Allister Thompson: guitar, synths, mellotron sounds, voice, other sounds, Teri-Lynn Janveau: piano, mellotron sounds, voice, Samantha Thompson: concert harp, tracks 2 and 4

Field recordings: on Hverir Geothermal Area by Internet Archive user prae (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0) on View of the Greenland Sea north of Siglufjörður by Internet Archive user jochumsen (public domain mark 1)

Thanks to Sigrún Stella ( for the translation of the album title

Cover photo by Allister Thompson

"...emotive, gentle unfolding, overtly atmospheric and dreamy sound painting featuring gliding synth waves, mellotron patches, neo-classical orchestrations and ethereal vocals along assorted treated sounds. The introspective, desolate nature and vast scenery encountered in this region simply resonates in each of the four textural, tracks along embedded currents of plain beauty. As such "Landslag Norður Íslands" makes a pleasant contemplative listening experience to make your imagination wander elsewhere and relax your mind."

-Sonic Immersion

"In all their output they make wonderful use of ambient sounds, harmonic keys and ethereal effects to create a vast soundscape out of the few elements present, much like the landscapes referenced. The results have a remarkably psychedelic quality, as all great ambient music does, a sort of removal of space and time. It isn't bleak nor lifeless, even the sounds of little waves and fate chirping of birds heard in the compositions remind one of how existence is endlessly altering even in the coolest of places or the most ambient of songs."

-Space Rock Mountain


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