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Lion on the Beach by The Electric Amygdala

Album Description

Released:June 22nd, 2014

There are two worlds within one planet: humans who have become so enchanted with and dependent on technology, they allow it to fully control their daily lives. The other world's inhabitants feel too restricted by technology, so they abandoned it almost completely.

Neither worlds interact with one another, but they are aware of each others existence. However, their lives are unexpectedly forced together after a meteor passes too close to earth and erases every bit of digital information. Now the digitally-dependent society must learn how to reconnect to other humans before they turn on themselves, and rely on those with no technology to help them survive... but only if they are welcomed.

For fans of Rush, Hawkwind, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, etc.

Written, produced and performed by Lee Rosevere.

Additional sounds from

Artwork sourced from Creative Commons 2.0 images by Matt and Nayoung by LLacertae by Procsilas Moscas

Lossless version available on Bandcamp


"This space-rock is a new venture by Lee Rosevere, of Happy Puppy Records and ambient fame and fortune (well, maybe not the latter). A totally new vibe, it’s a tribute to his love of the space-rock of Hawkwind, and I daresay I hear a little Krautrock in this one as well! A nicely varied collection it is, too, from the nifty flute ‘tron of “Currents” to the Kraftwerk homage of “The Human Battery” (I don’t think I’ve ever heard a piece not actually by Kraftwerk that sounds this much like Kraftwerk!) to the full-on Dave Brock/Hawkwind chug of “I Am the Meteor”.

And I can actually specify that this sounds more like the underrated eighties/early nineties Hawk than the seventies version. Love the vintage synth sounds (he seems to be using the very same one that the Hawk employed on “The Golden Void”!) There are also beautiful little space ambient pieces interspersed, such as “Cerulean” and “Vondersatz”. No frivolous one-off, this is one of the best space-rock albums I’ve heard in a while, a little tongue-in-cheek but rendered with fun and affection."

"An interesting progressive electronic / space rock full-length album by the act from Vancouver. favourite track: The Human Battery"
- Svetonio (

"#11 on cassette podcast list of Top 200 Tapes of 2014"


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Lion on the Beach by The Electric Amygdala is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.


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