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  • Tyler St Clair

After a 15-year run as “dispyz,” Milwaukee native Tyler St Clair has moved forward with a new project, the ambitious (and noisy) “Stagediver.” Using no more than an obsolete $6 computer from a one-armed pawn shop owner, an archaic sequencing program and 100 years of music history to pull from, Stagediver creates by dismantling. He’ll take any genre and rebuild it as his own. The result is on the spectrum between a lo-fi deconstruction and a how-to in breaking speed-barriers via programming.

Some have described it as “illegal music,” given the sheer amount of uncleared samples pulled to create the tunes. Others describe it as “amigacore,” due to the main instrument used in the writing process. St Clair describes it as “trailing-edge,” favoring brain-power over presets. Whatever the hell it is, people are listening.

Aside from his own musical endeavors, he manages and funds the now-unstoppable DIY record label “Radiograffiti.” Haven’t heard of it before? Get schooled. Hard.



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