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Smersh: Smersh Library Sampler

Album Description

Smersh FMA Library Sampler -- album cover
Released:January 30th, 2010
Recorded:Jan 1st, 1983 - Jan 1st, 1994

15 tracks yanked from the Smersh Library for your listening pleasure!

Contact Smersh at mirandettepopular "at" verizon "dot" net

about smersh:
Beat studio guru Mike Mangino and Chris Shepard started recording together in 1979 and began releasing cassettes as Smersh in 1981. Smersh recorded improvised cuts on Monday nights and released countless cassettes on their own label, Atlas King.

More info at Mike's label,

track info
You've Got More Than Wheels
From the cassette You've Got More Than Wheels (1987). Available on
Output 1987-1989.
Bedknobs and Bruises
From the cassette Slackers and Underachievers (1985). Available on
Output 1985-1986.
Hunter Killer
From the cassette A Murder of Crows (1984). Available on Output 1984.
From the cassette Hothouse Bodies In a Cool Culture (1983). Available
on Output 1983.
Make Me a Sergeant (an' Gimme the Booze)
From the album The Beat From 20,000 Fathoms (1986). Available on The
Beat From 20,000 Fathoms.
Heartache Gone Shopping
From the cassette Slackers and Underachievers (1985). Available on
Output 1985-1986.
with Thom on percussion
Misty Tenderloins
From the cassette Summer Dance Party (1986). Available on Output 1985
From the cassette Gash (1983). Available on Output 1983.
The Great Vegetable Breakdown
From the cassette She-male Sanitarium (1990). Available on Output
My Needs Are Different
From the cassette Depth Charge (1993).
with Roger Johansen on Sax
Greasing Wheezer
From the cassette Make Way For the Rumbler (1984). Available on Output
From the cassette Deep House Anthems (1991). Available on Output 1990
-1993. With Roger Johansen on Sax.
She Is Nervous
From the Album The Gift of Noise (1983). Available on Escala en Hifi
From the cassette Slackers and Underachievers (1985). Available on
Output 1985-1986.
My God Those Legs
From the Album The Arbitrary Nature Of Meaning (1994).
With Roger Johansen on Sax.


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