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Anagram3: Adrift by Silent Strangers

Album Description

Released:September 22nd, 2013

Released in conjunction with IDMf Netlabel.


Starting from the get-go with deep chords and and a detailed ambience that moves and sways as it goes, Adrift by Silent Strangers is an example of different styles within the realm of electronic music. It ranges from the wonderfully relaxed and ambient to displays of abrasive noise, old school IDM, interestingly crafted rhythms that change over time and even hints of an advanced form of dubstep. At points the album somehow sounds almost tropical, before again sweeping you away in sharp noise and beat fuelled energy.

Silent Strangers uses a great number of different sounds, capturing the imagination in different ways. Dans Kalimba in particular seems to take a refreshing break from the electronic by playing with the sampled, or the seemingly sampled, whichever the case may be. Imagined finger clicks hold the rhythm for a recurring and hypnotic ever changing noise like someone playing the engine of an aeroplane.

Dark electronics and filtered synths sit with a digital percussion that plays with all the natural and organic qualities of human drumming. At times, in the background, distant sounds play out quieter melodies, creating a wonderful second layer that has to be concentrated on, listened out for, a whole other story of far off intrigue that sits behind the glitchy IDM. The way all these different components fit together so well, with great attention to composition, brilliant sound design and a fair few hints of mystery throughout, with a beautiful ambient opening and a beautiful ambient piece to close the album, makes this an essential listen.



Anagram3: Adrift
01. A Forgotten Sun (03:51)
03. Dat.ura (03:27)
04. Sunday Morning (03:14)
05. Dan's Kalimba (06:12)
06. Morn (05:30)
08. Stae Cis (06:32)
10. 4-14 (06:30)
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