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Äiti joku tuijottaa meitä metsästä by Salakapakka Sound System

Album Description

Released:September 21st, 2010
Producer: Marko-V
Engineer: Marko-V

Here is the first ever Salakapakka Sound System collection called "Different Faces of Triple-S (collected works 2004-2010)". Originally I burned a few copies just for promotional purposes but then I thought why not make it available online because it might be a good starting point for people who are slightly interested in SSS sound but doesn´t know where to start. It is not a best of collection but rather a collection of different styles presented during the first seven years of SSS existance (oldest tracks are from 2004 even though they were available for public access at 2008). The catch for regular followers (are there any?) is that collection includes also never before heard tracks and compilation tracks.

1. from Ikuinen Kaamos / 2. from Kallokontrolli / 3. unreleased / 4. from web compilation A Tribute to Ruth White / 5. from Kallokontrolli / 6. from upcoming 60 Minutes / 7. from Buddha Machines On Fire / 8. from La Musique Concréte part 1 / 9. from web compilation Because God Told Me To Do It vol 1: Formulation / 10. home page exclusive download / 11. from Ikuinen Kaamos / 12. unreleased / 13. unreleased

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Äiti joku tuijottaa meitä metsästä by Salakapakka Sound System is licensed under a Attribution 1.0 Finland License.


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