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Colorful Lights by Sad Soul Circus


forcedminer on 05/31/14 at 10:54PM
Hello there!

I used this track in one of my videos.
This one here:

In the videos description
I've told people the name of the song and artist as well as a link to this page.

I don't expect the video to get popular,
but you never know.

it might and the music is Very nice.
People will see the video and wonder what the background song is.

They'll see it in the description and they'll see this page. :)

Thank you again for the wonderful song.
BillyJaden on 09/15/16 at 07:58AM

I used your track in my new Twine-Game "Moonland". Of course I mentioned the name of the song and of the artist in the end (and provided a link to this site).

With "Moonland" I will participate in The Interactive Fiction Competition this year.
Your song really helped to shape the atmosphere of some parts of "Moonland" and I am very glad I found it.

I didn't upload the game anywhere, but I will after the Competition (non-commercial). If you want to play it beforehand, just E-Mail me: [email protected]
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