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Coming from a background of film production and a synth-pop solo act, Ryan Cullinane has expressed his love for composing for all genres of media through drive and passion. His work can be heard in the dark orchestral fun of Birthday Boy [dir. Josef Lorenzo] through to the synth-based score for the suspenseful date film, The Catch [dir. Michael O’ Brien]. He currently works with short films but has a ceaseless desire to grow as a composer.



raiviveka on 01/06/17 at 10:19AM

I liked your music. I am an independent film maker. I am making a documentary in India.

Can I use your music and give credit? May be if world likes my movie, we can collaborate on some future project.

comatose_11 on 02/11/17 at 12:11PM
Hi Ryan,

I like one of your soundtrack (The People Instrumental) for a small indie game that I am working on as a hobby project. I will be releasing it to the app store though. Can I use it as a background music for my game ?

If its not available for free use, then maybe we can discuss further ? you can reach me at

indie app dev
davidleerendon67 on 04/11/17 at 06:10PM
good music...
davidleerendon67 on 04/11/17 at 06:12PM
i don't make profit...just to enjoy it...don't worry if so.. you be the first to know..that's why they call us starving the
davidleerendon67 on 05/02/17 at 05:10PM
thank you...
davidleerendon67 on 05/03/17 at 02:05AM
thank you..
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