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South Mouth by Robbie Fulks

Album Description


One of our best sellers ever and genuine MUST HAVE for anyone looking for one of the linchpin albums of the late 90's.

Brothers and sisters, do you hear that ringing? It ain't the ice cream man, it's the death knell for all the Nashville pretenders. South Mouth provides a knock out blow to those who think being a country singer means painted-on jeans, a flawlessly manicured mustache, and a mysterious fondness for Bread and the Eagles.

Robbie's second album CEMENTED his status as an ample, weird, extra special talent. Check out this formidable triple threat--drop dead writing, singing, and playing. The honky-tonk chops are impeccable, the pop smarts undeniable, and Robbie's vocal abilities infuse themselves into every song with just the right tone needed; a snarl, a smile or sadness. It's even got his now legendary scandalous love song to Nashville (you know the one). This is the album that catches the rising Robbie star as he proclaims to the world that Nashville can't get it up with a crane. Every song on here is a keeper. Really.

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South Mouth
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