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Her jumprope smells like bleaching cream by Ripdae La Wise & Carl Yvan Prévil

Album Description

Released:October 27th, 2017
Producer: Ripdae La Wise

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I met Carl Yvan Prévil years ago through Facebook. This project features guest vocals from him, short stories he wrote & decided to record in French after I came to him with the idea of creating an avant-garde album that feels like an odyssey through an abyss of some kind. 


The instrumental portion of this album is of course composed entirely by myself through a series of mostly live instrumentation & some heavy sampling of random sounds. The lyrics on my end were also written & recorded by myself. The entire project was mixed & mastered by myself as well, and the artwork/cover art for the project was created by myself, it is a Dadaist/surrealist depiction of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's "Rudolf II of Hamsburg or Vertumnus"

Walls... contains a sample of "Without you my life would be boring" by The Knife


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Her jumprope smells like bleaching cream by Ripdae La Wise & Carl Yvan Prévil is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.
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