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But You Love Me, Daddy (with Jim Reeves) by R. Stevie Moore

Album Description

Released:January 25th, 2004

All content unwritten, unplayed, unsung and unrecorded by R. Stevie Moore.

Artwork by Maio.

Titles (1, 5, 7, 16 and 18) ©Spunky Monkey Music/ASCAP. Unlimited, unless underwise undercated.

Dedicated to a hero, Bob Keeshan (RIP, 22-1-04)

Say Man recorded 25 May 1986, Montclair NJ, for a French New Rose v/a compilation, "Play New Rose For Me" - NR artists covering NR artists (Bo Diddley was signed to NR) - mailed electro drums and percussion programmed by Billy Anderson & Mark Cudnik in Nashville TN; voiceover by John Savory - written by Ellas McDaniel.

Reefer recorded November 1985, Montclair.

A Clever Combo recorded November 2001, Just In Dreams Studio (24 trk ADAT), South Orange NJ, by RSM and The Breetles - drums by Bill DiMartino; rhy gtr and 2nd vcls by Chris Breetveld; keys by Dr. Timothy Korzun; engineered by Tom Lucas - written by CB.

Technical Difficulty recorded summer 1978, in Irwin Chusid's basement, SO NJ.

But You Love Me, Daddy (with Jim Reeves) recorded 15 October 1959 at RCA Victor Studio B, Nashville, produced by Chet Atkins - studio musicians - written by Kathryn Tweedy.

Cease All Relationships recorded 1995, Montclair.

Why Am I Here? recorded January 2003 (16 trk ADAT) by Billy Anderson & Roger Ferguson in Nashville - BARF played drums, bass, acou gtrs, perc and bkg vcls - elec slide & 12 str gtrs, mellotron, synthesizer and lead vocals overdubbed by RSM at home, Bloomfield NJ - written by BARF.

Adult Tree recorded 22 May 1974, Nashville - lyrics by Billy Anderson.

Traded My Heart For Your Parts recorded spring 2001, Nashville - guitar by Mark Gendel.

I've Begun To Fall In Love computer midifile converted July 2001 by Otis Fodder, Seattle WA (from original 1975 RSM version).

You Must Be Out Of My Mind recorded 6 October 2002 (16 trk ADAT), Nashville - engineered by Anderson; bkg vcls by Ferguson, wrap insert by Justin Hennessy.

You And Me recorded 9 June 1975, Nashville.

Jessica Sandwich recorded live 1983 at WFMU, East Orange NJ - voices by Boota Theatre (RSM, Irwin Chusid, Jim Price, Frank Balesteri, Terry Folger & Chris Bolger).

Signal recorded summer 1986, Montclair - stunt drums by Cudnik, Nashville.

Records recorded 2 January 1977, Madison TN.

A Whiter Shade Of Pale recorded 6 February 2003, Bloomfield - bkg vcls by Krys Olsiewicz - written by Brooker/Reid.

Grease Theme recorded 1968, Madison - RSM with Roger Ferguson, Mike Burroughs & Myron Bryant.

Philosophy Of The World recorded 14 July 1997, Montclair - written by Wiggin.

Prayer Pathetique recorded spring 1972, Nashville - pump organ by Victor Lovera.

Tra La La La Phooey! is a mildly bewildering compilation that covers, quite literally, the breadth of R. Stevie Moore's decades-long recording career, from a vocal performance by the nine-year-old Stevie at a session run by his Nashville studio-star father Bob Moore, and a freaky Mothers of Invention-like skewed pop song recorded in 1968 by a 16-year-old Stevie and his high school band, all the way through his years as the pioneer of the home recording underground. Moore's amazing versatility is on full display, with songs that range from the delightful Merseybeat of "You and Me," and the early synth pop of "Technical Difficulty," to more challenging exercises like the Residents-like instrumental "Cease All Relationships (Phlegm Soundtrack Excerpt)." The set also includes a few examples of Moore's unparalleled range as a cover artist, from a dead-on recreation of Bo Diddley's "Say Man," to a sincere and delightful rendition of the Shaggs' "Philosophy of the World." There's even a collaboration with label owner Fodder on a Conlon Nancarrow-like recasting of Moore's '70s classic "I've Begun to Fall in Love." While Tra La La La Phooey! might be a little overwhelming for the complete R. Stevie Moore novice, its wild eclecticism is a valid representation of the many and varied riches awaiting. - Stewart Mason (amg)

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