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Everyone, But Everyone (w/ Molly Andrews) by R. Stevie Moore

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Released:December 1st, 2010

REPLICA R. Stevie Moore

3 Volume Set

Compiled, edited & sequenced by Irwin Chusid, Dec 2010
Available exclusively at iTunes
Portrait photography by -max- of nyc


. Stevie Moore's catalog is deep and formidable. By some estimates he has composed and recorded thousands of songs. (The two verbs are redundant ‹ Moore composes as he records, so whatever he's written exists as a recording.) His musical chronicles began in the late 1960s, but he hit his stride in the mid-1970s and has maintained a steady output ever since. Hundreds of these tracks were released over the years on LPs, cassettes, singles, CDs, and various-artist compilations. All of Moore's commercial packages released since the mid-1970s are digitally available, along with some full home-recorded albums.

Because of this virtual Smithsonian of curiosities, it's often difficult for newcomers to know where to begin. Moore's longtime friend, manager, publisher, and sometimes sideman Irwin Chusid attempted to rectify this by cherry-picking "best of" collections that spotlight Moore's skills as a quirky but appealing pop craftsman. These comps, which span three decades, include The Future is Worse Than the Past (1999), Hundreds of Hiding Places (2001), and Nevertheless Optimistic (2003).


In 2010, Chusid sorted thru dozens of Moore's later home recordings and culled over 50 tracks which had not been previously released on LP, commercial CD, or digital compilations. These were collected on the three-volume (with more planned) REPLICA series. Moore's idiosyncrasies are in full-bloom, but so are his masterful guitar riffs, odd lyrics, gift for melody, and clever, twisted song constructions. Tracks feature cameo appearances by Mike Watt, Ariel Pink, Molly Andrews, Don Fleming, Claire Welles, Yukio Yung, Lane Steinberg, and a number of Moore's recurring sidekicks. Original and collaborative tunes are interspersed with imaginative covers (Mekons, Led Zep, Oasis, Chuck Berry, Killing Joke). Only one track ("I Told You") dates from the 1970s; most were recorded from 1986 to 2010.

Not termed "rarities" or "best of" albums, the REPLICA series simply gathers some neglected gems for condensed listening. Included are a number of overlooked alternates, demos, later versions, and remastering of titles which have been commercially available. The series was launched in December 2010 as Moore was preparing to leave his adopted home state of New Jersey after 32 years and move back to his birth city of Nashville, where he developed his musical genius.


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