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 Quinta Essentia (1 Albums, 18 Tracks)


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LOCATION:this world and others
  • Wolf
  • Hanna Fushihara
  • Twig Harper
  • Lexi Mountain
  • Leif Ritchey
  • James Ritchey
  • Haley O'Connor
  • Max Eisenberg
  • Bonnie Jones
  • Brain Chippendale
  • Camilla Ha
  • Robert Fransisco
  • Carly Ptak
  • Pat Ptak
  • Nate Hadyn
  • Blaster Al Ackerman
  • Michael Barker
  • Chiara Giovando

Spoken Word compilation w/ Wolf, Twig Harper, Max Eisenberg, Carly Ptak, Pat Ptak. Hanna Fushihara, Haley O'Connor, Brain Chippendale, Cathrine Pankake and numerous illustrious others in sweet golden special cover.

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