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Edword Nigma Music Producer and DJ, This man is nothing but a straight shooter who loves felines. Nigma is also “affectionately” known as the beat Nazi and has a production style that is uncomparable.He is the bull headed person in the collective and will occasionally engage DJ Monty with the dope sound in a shouting match. His musical influences are Aesop Rock, Cannibal Ox, and the Rza. Rone aka The Rap Monster This Ill verbalist is a lyrical assassin in the booth; He hails from Maryland and exudes that same pride about where he is from as well as in his word craft. He is on point, witty, and rhythmically surgical. The rap monster dwells in the realm of of greats like Eminem, Nas, Rass Kass and Royce Da 5’9. Dj Monty with the Dope sound Music Producer, Dj, Comedian, chef and Clown prince. He is the jack of all trades addition to the group. He is will gladly scream and act a fool on a song or produce a hilarious skit for the adventures in science friction album. He has musical influences that range from all over the world.Dj Monty is an intergalactic space jockey. As a group the embargo is nowhere near mainstream or could not be considered to be musical conformist, our mission statement lies within our name….to question what is set in front of your face and take action. Adventures in Science Friction is homage to mediocre cinema, robots, aliens, mermaids, and outlandish music. Rock it Rock it like this!!!!!!! I believe this is the bio I sent you that DJ Monty wrote for us...


This is an odd collection of experimental songs from an interesting group of artists that came together to push the boundaries of hip hop.....enjoy


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