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The Inner Explosions of Charlie Marquis by Qkcofse

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Released:August 6th, 2010

suRRism-Phonoethics is thrilled to release Qkcofse's - 'M.D.E.' Album!

'Molecular Detournement Egregore'
This sound project emerged from my musical and noise pursuits in 2006.
Quantities of Excitation refers to the libidinal energy of the human nervous system
while Kandinsky-Clerambault Syndrome describes a condition
where one is fearful of surveillance while being obsessed with celebrities.

This self-censorship and concentration of looking are aspects of what surrealists call
miserabilism—the depreciation of reality instead of its exaltation.

Thus these largely improvisational ‘songs’ are anti-miserabilist sound spells and lo-fi noise aerobics.
My intention was to reach a trance state or emotional catharsis and let the possibilities unfold.
Instruments include prepared guitar, processed and toy electronicsfound soundsamplified objects,
voicebox flutedetuned scanner, and pre-recorded tapes.

The title of the album, Molecular Detournement Egregore, reflects my interest in surrealistsituationist,
and occult practices which can reveal and stimulate ‘unnatural connections’ through subversive imagination.
Detourning or hijacking the foundations of matter away from their habitual functions
empowers the surrealist egregore or ‘sentient tradition’ while encouraging free play
Shibek, July 2010.

'exploring the uterus of the suns.'
- undRess Béton

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