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LOCATION:Melbourne, Australia

Realising that drummers share a unique (sometimes monosyllabic) language of their own. In mid-2010, Sam and Ronny decided to set their drums up in the same room and see what transpired. The drums (as they are wont to do) birthed all kinds of melodic possibilities in their collective brain. These melodies found a natural home on other exotic instruments.

Peon prioritise the transcendent moment but refuse to bottle it for later use, making every iteration right for that moment. An informed post-rock improv agenda powers the Peon machine, strictly no re-hashing or copping out from where it needs to be. Maximal hypnoticism for those who crave it.

Peon have toured around Australia, released two records, have collaborated with Lloyd Swanton, Miroslav Bukovsky, Casey Rice and are releasing their third and most accomplished recording to date ‘ ‘Inter Alia’ on Wood and Wire.


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