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Pat grew up outside of the Twin Cities and was always connected to music from a young age. At the age of 12 he transitioned from early piano and began learning guitar. Quickly becoming his favorite instrument he began recording in his closet using primitive techniques in the 1980s. First bands were comprised of endless jamming classic guitar riffs inspired by guitar greats from the 60s and 70s.

Pat moved to Virginia as a early teenager where he continued to play with groups of friends in school rock bands. He kept up with his recording throughout and used his old Akai reel to reel to multi-track guitars, instruments and vocals throughout high school. He wrote many songs in high school, some of them were also transformed into studio recordings later in life. While in college Pat continued playing with groups and writing with people he met in Blacksburg Virginia. Many nights were spent singing and playing bluegrass based songs in the house he lived in whole attending college.

Moving further south after college he landed in Folly Beach, SC. Living there for years he met many interesting musicians and players and began playing drums again with some part time acts on the beach and in Charleston. Some electric guitar driven instrumental bands, some jam free form bands and a original rock band called Jonesville which he played drums and acoustic guitar with. Throughout his Folly Beach days he spent countless nights creating orhinial digital 8 track recordings in his studio loft space. It was during this time in the early 2000s that Pat found and developed some of his key features to his playing and notable contributions to his style as a songwriter.

Now with his family Pat writes new original music as much as possible and works with his kids in their musical interests hoping they will go on their own journey in music.

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01. Bluebird (06:09)


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