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Aeon 1: Dixi by Parvus Decree

Album Description

Parvus Decree "Aeon 1: Dixi"
Recorded:May 23rd, 2014
Producer: A. Vargas, Mysterious Stranger

A. Vargas was a founder and manager of .NBK Records, DNA Production and Alter-X (2007-2008), prolific music producer (1999-2010) and artistic visionary inspired by high-tech vibes of the early 21st century. Vargas is known for jumpstarting and fueling the new wave of Russian industrial music in the 2000s by tireless promotion efforts and helping young producers to realize their own creative potential through fruitful collaboration. Vargas passed away in September 2010.

Mysterious Stranger (MS) was an alias of Israel-based Maxim Solodovnikov, a former member of Kuzia MP3 release group and a personal friend of Vargas. He produced music under the aliases Sacred Chao (2002-2011) and M.F.H. (Music For Healing, 2009-2011). He collaborated with Vargas on Triad (2007) and, anonymously, H-LR (Hoffmann-La Roche, 2010). He also worked with LC Steinberg on Autosomal (2010). He attempted to create an archive of music by Vargas, AV Legacy, during 2014-2017 and took an active part in a multimedia project Frequency Alcyone during 2016-2017. He committed suicide in March 2018 after long-term depression.

Originally released as a compilation of tracks by Autosomal, Project Kronos, The Dice, M.F.H., Ecliptic, and Fibre, produced between 2009 and 2011.

Produced in Moscow, Russia (Bibirevo) and Holon, Gush Dan, Israel.


Aeon 1: Dixi by Parvus Decree is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.
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