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 Paint Fumes (1 Albums, 10 Tracks)


LOCATION:Charlotte, NC
  • Elijah
  • Brett
  • Josh

"Slovenly Recordings is putting some massive balls back into the garage-punk vinyl circuit with this screaming 7” blaster from Charlotte, NC’s PAINT FUMES! The three Johnny Thunders/ Oblivians channeling blasts on this debut 45 are cut from the same loin cloth as the legendary roster of ‘90s Crypt / In The Red Records ilk that gave us our biggest erection sets since the so-called death of punk! Take a whiff of “Egyptian Rat,” b/w “Waste of Time” and ”Panic Attack” - these cuts (exclusive to this single) bring the supreme scuzz, and enough wail and feedback to hold you over until you can huff their “Uck Life” (sic[k]) long player in Spring 2012!"



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