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The Cowboy, the Wizard, and the Eclipse by Nurgul Jones

Album Description

Released:September 26th, 2017
Producer: Nurgul Jones

"All hail the transgressive lords of nu-noise, Plebs &...

Ah wait, this isn't a Plebs & Fuckboys record.

Well, greetings capital wasteland, this is your host, Nurgul Jones (bow wow wow), counting down till oblivion.

Keep up the good fight, and heres some fresh new shiny tunes from the Kill Cult Clique. The Cowboy, The Wizard, and the Eclipse is an exploration of dark trap,

though done in a less overt goth style, and with a standard noir aesthetic in mind, but instead a collaboration within a lighter goth style. The album name itself is derived from a story of Thomas Edison and the famous cowboy Texas Jack meeting during the 1878 eclipse under circumstances almost veiling on magic realism.

The album art, done in a white goth style, attempts to avoid heavy and blackened cultures, in favor of embracing the unsettling and terror ethos of goth without relying on darkened clichés. Call it conflict wave if you want, but the imagery selected seems to portray a lot of the more dynamically cathartic experiences of humanity. 

Each track is significant in developing the overall mood of the piece, and the artists involved in this project all have their role to play in the overall mood and progression of the album, in addition to being stand alone in their own right.

The production of each individual track itself, while trap, attempts to break from the mold and incorporate a lot more of the experimentation once more common within hip-hop in the 90s.

Without further adieu, hope ya enjoy"


-Nurgul Jones/Nickk Dropkick*





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