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 Not The 1s (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


LOCATION:Bay Area (SF & Oakland)
  • Cuzzo Duzzo & Mawnstr

"Not The 1s is the latest project generated, at least in part, by Eric Steuer, an honest to God hip-hop intellectual and lo-fi rapper of the culturally sensitive type. The group's debut, Why You Cryin', is a massive cross country collaboration that has Eric Steuer (Cuzzo) and Alex Christidis (Mawnstr) presiding over a promising list of contributors like Daedelus, dEbruit, and Monster Rally. Eric and Alex's first tune, "You Dress Like An Asshole," is a hilarious diss of badly dressed Jersey bros and cultural illiteracy, animated by some deep beats and sharp production work by Lunice."
Altered Zones


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