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Harp Fragments by Nic Bommarito

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Released:August 19th, 2009

For his new LP "Harp Fragments", Nic decided to hook up with us again. What luck! A lot changed since "Taciturn" and then again everything is the same. You have the dreamy melodies, the bitter-sweet melancholia, that specific Bommarito-feel of being lost in cinescope beauty. While Nic Bommarito is still a loner (despite assistance from his buddy Michael Connolly on viola and harp), the sound on his new album is much more that of a band, a rock band even more. His rhythm section, slightly awkward back then, is replaced by thundering drums (listen to the first track "200 Sugar Packets" to get an idea!). Tender and fragile parts change with fuzz-soaked, shoegazing noise passages that never let miss melody and bliss. Everything is tight and dense, and although the production is not always hi-fi Nic found the perfect form for his beautiful, emotional music.On "Better Than Way Too Post-Rock", all that is Nic Bommarito today is summed up in 5:30 wonderful minutes. The golden ration of crestfallen Americana, North American Folklore and shoegaze Indiepop. Only for this tune, Nic uses a vocal sample, like building a bridge to "Taciturn".

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Harp Fragments

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Wolf Rabit on 02/09/17 at 10:34PM
Hi Nic! Greetings from Taiwan at the moment. I was considering using one of your songs for a experimental shortfilm im currently doing. Will have no commercial purposes since im not selling it to anyone, but sharing it freely online. Is that ok with you??
nicbommarito on 02/14/17 at 07:33PM
All my music is Creative Commons so it's free to use for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit me - thanks!
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