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Auf Stelzen durch die Wueste by Necronomikon Quartett

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Released:February 7th, 2007
It’s a common statement for musicians, that they cannot describe their music or are not willing to label it in any way. The members of Necronomikon Quartett repeatedly discussed this issue but they really can not offer any description or label for their music. All they can say is that the songs have no words and the band uses guitar, bass, drums and sometimes keyboards/sequenzer, cello, theremin, percussion, voice, marimbaphon, kazoo and rotating tubes. There are an awful lot of influences which originate from the really diverse musical backgrounds of the 3 members (each has musical favourites the others have never heard of before) and their rehearsals usually start with a long improvisation which sometimes evolve into some structured pieces but mostly gets lost in time. Sometimes they sound like free jazz or kraut rock experiments, but their songs can also contain elements of rock, surf music, sixties pop, prog rock, indie and new wave. On this release Necronomikon Quartett concentrates on the more accessible side of the band with six tracks that have large proportions of structured material. If you have any idea were this music fits in please leave a message for the band, they would be happy to know what they sound like. If you like our music a full length CD is available through our website

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