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  • Samuel Locke-Ward
  • Jason Hennesy
  • Brian Boelman
  • Alex Body
  • Ed Gray
  • Clayton Schumeman
  • Samuel Locke-Ward
  • The Boo-Hoos
  • The Modern Girls
  • Tuff Jerks

Miracles of God have released numerous CDs, cassettes, and 7″ records with styles ranging from creepy folk to bombastic punk. They have toured extensively, most recently as the backing band for legendary cult lounge singer Harvey Sid Fisher (ASTROLOGY SONGS).

On one tour they got hit by a drunk driver, on another they played at the site of the world’s largest urinal. Doom incessantly pervades the band’s existence. Yet they somehow continue to write the most classic, no-filler staples to anyone’s collection that has ever taken the time out from being hen-pecked by malicious significant others and dealing with the general soul-erosion of living in America to sit down and listen to one of their albums.

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NartraRadioRoma on 03/28/11 at 09:26AM

Playlist NartraradioRoma vs Public School Records:
01_The Rhombus - vanya
02_Miracles of God - red hands
03_Lipstick Homicide - in control
04_Lipstick Homicide - the one for me
05_Everybody Nose - don't wanna go to bed
06_Everybody Nose - suck my nut
07_Grism - 2 long 2 late
08_Nerd's Curve - I'm in love
09_Nerd's Curve - I guy
10_Naked Hassellhoff - leapin deemin
11_Naked Hassellhoff - spankin the ass of the USA
12_Peti Mal - off the grid
13_Warmheads - gospel vain
14_Spitball - hmmm... brilliant
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